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We install fireplaces adapting to your wishes, needs and possibilities, and the basic features of our fireplaces are quality, design, and functionality.
Every day we try to make our work more innovative, more luxurious and better.



 A professional consulting service in which we guide clients in order to find the best possible product that is in line with your wishes. MEASUREMENT Based on the design of the building or going to the site, all according to your wishes, we determine the exact measures for the installation of the most efficient fireplace. 



Based on the design of the building or going to the site, all according to your wishes, we determine the exact measures for the installation of the most efficient fireplace.



We install fireboxes on wood, gas, bioethanol or electricity from all manufacturers in our offer, of any type, shape and appearance, all according to your wishes, respecting the highest standards of the construction profession. 



We offer unique, uniquely decorated fireplaces, top quality. Choose decorative techniques, glass, stone, brick or any other type of cladding according to your wishes and make your interior unique. 

The most commonly chosen look fireplace because of its simplicity of clean appearance and modern minimalist standard, perfect for a 21st century interior.

A favorite fireplace for nostalgic people who love the tradition and elegance of the past. The perfect combination of rough stone, solid wood and iron.

Fireplaces of elegant and expensive lines. Finely crafted stone, artistic details and a luxurious look are a mandatory part of these top-notch works of art.

We offer a wide range of Italian Valpaint decorative wall coverings. From the cradle of fashion and top style come a variety of ideas and top solutions for exclusive interior design.

FEEL V 7 CL (Bef)

Power 7 kW
Efficiency 82.2%
Flue diameter 150 mm
Dimension 714×527 / 453×527 mm
Weight 213 kg
Flue gas temperature 232 ° C
Wood size 30 cm

20 500 kn

17 800 kn


Fireplace inserts need to be  chosen according to the space in which we put it. The power must be suitable for the space we are heating, or reheating in case you have an additional heating system in the specified space. The external insulation of the space is also an important factor, because it depends on how much heat is retained in your space.

Another important factor when choosing a firebox is the size of the chimney (internal diameter of the chimney and height of the chimney). The rule applies: The larger the diameter of the chimney, the better the draft of the chimney, which means that we have the opportunity to put a larger and stronger fireplace.

All fireplace inserts have the prescribed minimum internal diameter (fi chimney) required for the normal operation of the fireplace. Which means that the smoke does not accumulate in the firebox during combustion, but that the chimney pulls it out.

Various types of fireplaces are further selected according to aesthetics and placement in the space, so we distinguish between flat fireplaces for classic fireplaces, corner fireplaces that are ideal for corner fireplaces, 3D fireplaces for maximum fire inspection and tunnel fireboxes for fire inspection in two different rooms.

There are also a large number of fireboxes that have a built-in boiler and can be used in the central heating system.

Traditional open fireplace or modern indoor fireplace? What’s the difference?

As the word itself says, an open fireplace has an open firebox and thus its productivity is reduced.

So, with the same amount of wood, they produce less heat.

They also do not have the ability to regulate combustion, and due to incomplete combustion of wood, they emit many more particles of soot and ash, and thus pollute the environment more, but also pollute your chimney.

In order to heat yourself with a pleasant fire in your home, in an economical and ecological way, it is best to opt for a fireplace with a closed firebox.

The fireplace finish is what determines what your fireplace will look like. Fireplace decoration is done according to the client’s choice. We advise various ways to decorate the best fireplace in your space.

We decorate fireplaces with decorative techniques, look like different colors of your choice or cover them with top modern decorative techniques.

There are countless ways, details and nuances that determine what the final look of your fireplace will look like.

Depending on whether you like more modern fireplaces, rustic fireplaces or if you prefer simple minimalist fireplaces, we will in any case find the ideal solution for your fireplace.

During the first heating, nothing must be leaned on the lacquered surfaces of the stove and the lacquered surfaces must not be touched. It is not recommended to overload the stove during the first ignition so that too high a temperature does not cause the varnish to crack (the firebox should be gradually “worked out”). The customer may also be warned that during the first few ignitions a specific odor is felt which is normal for all fireplaces and stoves.

When used properly, the fireplace cannot be damaged. It should be borne in mind that too much fuel and too much combustion air can result in overheating and damage to the fireplace.

Transparent ceramic glass is resistant to temperatures up to 750 ° and provides a beautiful view of the fire. It also prevents smoke from coming out of the fireplace.

Cleaning the glass – The glass on the door can only be cleaned when it is cold. Failure to do so may result in damage. The glass can be cleaned with damp newsprint.

Glass cracking – Glass is made of a material that can withstand temperatures up to 750 ° C. There is a possibility that it may break due to a mechanical impact. Glass replacement in this case is not included in the warranty.

Chimney cleaning. – Also do not forget about the annual cleaning of the chimney. This will be done by your chimney sweep. The entire fireplace should also be cleaned at least once a year, and it is especially important to clean the flue elements that connect your fireplace to the chimney. This could also be done by your chimney sweep who will at the same time confirm the correctness of the fireplace.



DALPET fireplaces since this year also operate internationally. We are conquering one of the most demanding and largest markets in Europe, the German one. High German requirements for meticulousness, perfect precision and compliance with deadlines and standards, they are a challenge by which we prove the highest standards of professionalism that we are very proud of. 


DALPET fireplaces are in demand in all parts of our beautiful country. The client in Metković sought and received an exclusive and top performance. The super luxurious and modern apartment has a built-in 3D fireplace with three panes, which is located in the wall between the two rooms. The result is a unique solution in which the firebox was used in a completely unusual and extremely interesting way.

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